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Shipping policy


Shipping policy 
If over 50 km from Montreal center, transportation fees may apply except if you use a specific code given by FlashCubes or his collaborators. 
If one or more of these conditions are not met, FLASHCUBES has the right to cancel its participation in your event and the total balance will have to be paid on the date mentioned above in ''Event information’'. 
 Duration and time:​ The FLASHCUBES team member arrives 1H30 before the Photo Booth start time indicated in this contract. ​This time can be changed by email up to 10 days before the event.​ It is possible for us to arrive earlier if the CLIENT chose the option ''Waiting hours''. If we arrive late for your event, we will respect the total rental time related to this contract and stay the time we missed. For example, if we are one hour late, we will stay an hour later. IMPORTANT: Our FLASHCUBES Photo Booth packages are listed in consecutive hours.  
 Weather conditions:​ FLASHCUBES can stop the service or cancel an event if the weather conditions represent a risk to its staff and/or equipment. Storms, strong winds or a temperature lower than 10 degrees celsius are some examples of weather conditions that may result in a pause or cancellation. We suggest to find a space inside in case of bad weather forecast. The pauses due to weather will be accounted in the rental period. No reimbursement will be issued to compensate for pauses or cancellations due to weather and the whole balance linked to this contract will have to be paid accordingly. Ex: You booked a 4 hours package and the activity just started. Due to a storm, FLASHCUBES manager on site choose to pause the activity. 2 hours later, the storm is gone and the Photo Booth activity is open again. 2 hours are then left to the package and the 2 hours lost are not refundable 
 Damages and theft:​ In case of accident, you will be held responsible for any damages/theft caused by you or your guests during the event. If you buy the "FLASHCUBES insurance" you will not be responsible for accidental damages caused by you or your guests. ​However, theft and intentional damages are not covered by this insurance.​ The CLIENT can be held to a maximum liability of 10 500$. In case of damages intentional or not to the equipment, the cost will be calculated as follows and will have to be paid no later than the day of the event : Touchscreen 2000$, lighting equipment 1000$, photo printer 2000$, camera 1000$, stainless steel box 2000$, costumes 500$ and dressing kit (curtains and structure) $2000. Taxes have to be applied on the amounts listed above. 

Refunds policy, interruptions and mechanical damage:​ FLASHCUBES will provide a functional Photo Booth for the entire rental period. During this period, it is possible that minor maintenance (ex: add papers) will be necessary. The time required for these maintenance procedures will be added at the end of the rental period. In case of major malfunction or any other situation that would prevent FLASHCUBES  to provide a functional Photo Booth for more than one hour, FLASHCUBES will refund your balance at a prorated amount. In case of mechanical failure that can be fixed in an one hour and less delay, FLASHCUBES manager can make a pause to repair the equipment. Pauses due to maintenance are not calculated in the rental time. If the delay exceeds one hour, you will have the choice between a refund (see above) or an extension of the actual PhotoBooth in place in order to fix the Photo Booth and restart the service. The maximum liability of FLASHCUBES is only reimbursment of the amount already paid by the Client. 
 Privacy policy, promotional emails, usage of pictures and movies:​ La responsabilité de FLASHCUBES s’étend uniquement au montant du forfait choisi et/ou au remboursement du montant déjà versé. can use some pictures/videos taken during the client's event for promotionnal usage on the website, brochure or other forms of publicity. The client can oppose to the usage of these photos/videos by email no later than 30 days after the event. The CLIENT accepts that FLASHCUBES will send promotional emails. 
 Photos gallery on the Website:​ FLASHCUBES makes the pictures taken with the photo booth accessible on the website: FLASHCUBES It could take up to 72 hours for the pictures to be posted on tge website. The guests will be informed of this fact by a sign neaby the photo booth. FLASHCUBES is NOT responsible of the usage done with the photos made available through this service. The photos are protected with a password but FLASHCUBES can NOT guarantee their protection. FLASHCUBES will make the selection of the photos that will go on the website. The CLIENT can refuse this service at anytime. 
 Cancellation:​ The client can cancel their reservation at any time. The deposit is non-refundable. However, it can be transferred to another event or date. 
 Modifications:​ All modifications to this contract must be done in writing and be signed by the client and FLASHCUBES. 
This contract is between FLASHCUBES and the CLIENT named above in « Information of the organizer". 1 Deposit:​ A $250 bill will be send to you in 48 hours following this message. ​The deposit (if not already paid by credit card) must be send by cheque or wire transfer. The reservation is valid ONLY once we receive the deposit.​ It is IMPORTANT to make the deposit as soon as possible to ensure that one of our team member is available. In case no deposit is made, we will not serve your 
event. The deposit is not refundable and not tranferable to another date.               

2 Photo Design:​ ​You are responsible to send your design choice no later than 2 weeks BEFORE the event. We strongly suggest to proceed now​. If we don’t receive your choice, a design will be selected by our team following your type of event. If a modification is requested less than 10 days before the date of the event, additional fees may apply. ​Please note that you can also get a full customized design by contacting us. ​  
 3 Final payment:​ A bill will be send to you 10 days prior to your event. ​The balance has to be paid in total at the lastest, the day of the event by wire transfer, check or credit card.​ It’s also possible to give your final payment to the FALUCHES team member on site. He will accept credit cards, company cheque or cash. For any late payment, 5% per month on the total amount of your FLASHCUBES selected service will be charge. 
 4 Client's responsabilities:​ Your are responsible to provide:  (1) A 10 square feet (minimum) space free of obstacles for the installation of the FLASHCUBES Photo Booth.   
 (2) A functional standard electrical outlet 110v, 15-20amp within 20 feet of the space where the FLASHCUBES Photo Booth will be installed.   (3) A meal must be offer to the FLASHCUBES team member if the Photo Booth FLASHCUBES is active between 15h00 and 21h00 and if a meal was planned for your guests (lunch or bouchées)  
 (4) Indicate the exact address of the event and a cell number of a person responsible on site at the event. 
 (5) IF OUTDOOR EVENT, YOU MUST PROVIDE A CLOSED TENT OR GAZEBO type structure (with side walls) of minimal dimensions of 10x10 feet to ensure that the equipment work properly.